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What's in a smile?

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Hey My Loves,

I'm a firm believer in the power of a genuine smile.

Hand's down, it's one of my favorite things to do and comes very naturally and easily to me.

I've smiled through both good times and bad. No matter what the outcome, smiling has certainly always managed to make me feel a lot better about any life experience.

After some tough times this year, I decided to dig a little deeper and learn more about the hidden and healing super powers of the smile and how it can help in dealing more successfully with the COVID-19 Pandemic and as a meditational practice (more on this later).

So... What's in a Smile?

A smile is the flexing or contracting of the muscles at the corners of the mouth. It's an expression of joy, wonder, kindness, excitement, compassion, happiness, love and countless other good vibes.

A true smile is a sign of love. It's a way of sharing energy and creates very heart warming and positive domino effects. Picture're standing in line at the bank and have been waiting in line for a really long time, you're a bit on edge because of the extended wait time in line. When it's your turn to be served, the Service Representative greets you with a warm, apologetic smile and thanks you soooo much for your patience. Immediately, you find yourself relaxing, smiling back and you can feel the built up tension and negative energy gradually easing its' way out of your body.

That my friends, is the power of a smile!

When you smile at someone, it makes them feel good about themselves.~Mantak Chia

Now with that said, join along on this journey as my Sisters, Sister-Friends and I dig deeper into some of the magical energy that comes with a smile and demonstrate how you can do it too!

1. Smiling is contagious :)

You can light up a whole room with a warm, beautiful and genuine smile.

Don't believe me? How did you feel when you just looked at my lovely friend's radiant smile?

Now put this to the you have a really warm and joyful friend who's always smiling? What's the energy like the minute they walk into a room? No crystal ball required. I'm pretty sure this friend is naturally attractive and usually quite liked by others just like my Sister-Friend here with her high-voltage smile!

2. Smiling lifts the spirits high!

“I was smiling yesterday,I am smiling today and I will smile tomorrow. Simply because life is too short to cry for anything.” ~ Santosh Kalwar

Words to live by according to this Sister-friend. In her line of work as a dentist, she definitely knows the value of a smile; it boosts your immune system, relieves stress by releasing endorphins and most importantly, it's easier to smile than it is to frown!

3. Smiling keeps you young

No botox required here! Check out this beautiful smile!

This Sister-Friend is rocking the youthful look that only an easy, genuine and regular smile can bring. Smiling regularly not only makes you look good, you feel good too.

Fun fact about takes 5 to 53 muscles to form a smile. The muscles you use to smile also naturally make you feel AND look younger.

4. Feel more confident and successful

There's no fakery in this bakery!

Everything about this charming smile says it all...confidence, success, empowerment. She's all that and more!! This Sister-Friend wears her smile regally.

She's a queen and she owns it!

A confident smile creates a sense of trust. Others are likely to trust your judgement, leadership and ideas more readily. Test this theory by wearing a confident smile at your next business meeting.

5. Build Stronger relationships

I love my sisters, when we connect it's just natural that we smile, laugh , giggle and revert to all sorts of childlike and girlish behavior that keeps our spirits young. In general, we are much more attracted to positive expressions and behavior when forming bonds and this is the glue that keeps my sibling relationship together.

Power to the sisterhood of smiles!!

6. Smiling creates connection

Smiling is a rather fun way to connect with others.

It's an easy and relaxing way to meet new people and build relationships especially at social events. If you're a natural introvert and prone to feeling out of place in social settings, try smiling as you enter the room.

You never know, your smile just might create that lasting connection of a lifetime!

“The shortest distance between two people is a smile.” – Anonymous

7. Smiling attracts positive energy

Smiling helps us appear more approachable, desirable and interesting. We are naturally drawn to others who appear comfortable and at ease with themselves because it gives us the confidence to be ourselves around that type of energy.

Smiling attracts positive energy , smile more and you just might find others being naturally drawn towards you.

My sister friend and I, naturally gravitated towards each other due to our easy smiling energy.

We've been fast friends ever since!

8. Smiling keeps you positive

Keep your chin up with a smile!

Smiling helps you to stay healthy, positive and it's actually been tested and proven that even faking a smile can put you into a healthier mental space and let's face it, we can all do with a little positive cheer during these Covid times!

Smiling meditations are used in Eastern Medicine as a part of staying healthy holistically.

As a certified yoga teacher, I have found that smiling practices bring great healing and positive energy to my daily yoga practice and life itself. It's a daily practice I highly recommend and is included in almost all my yoga and meditation sessions.

Learn more about me, my meditation practices or the programs I offer.

One more thing....Keep Smiling!!!

“A smile is something you can give away and still keep.” – Unknown

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