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Hello, Hello!
You found me!

Welcome to my page!


My name is Teheli Sealey and I live in the very warm and friendly Trinidad & Tobago, two little islands with a lot of heart and warmth – like me! Except I’m not so very little 🙂

Fitness is my passion!


As a little girl growing up, I wasn’t allowed outdoors very much – which is kind of ironic since my backyard basically bordered the neighbourhood park.


Personal Trainer| Health Coach | STOTT Pilates Instructor |Yoga Teacher |Fitness Influencer

How I Got Fitspired

I got introduced to fitness and the outdoors in my early twenties and that was it!
Boom! Bang! Connection!
Staying healthy and fit is important to me and has allowed me to become more confident, empowered and I certainly do feel more beautiful and comfortable in my own skin. 


I’ve found the courage to face my fears and to break through many mental barriers – learned to love myself, believe in myself and be limitless - all through my physical pursuits. I’ve transferred the mental discipline and determination from physical activities to the other aspects of my everyday life using the mind-set that Consistency and small steps lead to mastery and big discoveries.
Now, I can literally do everything that I BELIEVE that I can do simply by applying 1000% belief in myself NO MATTER WHAT!

I believe that in order to see a dream become your own reality, we have to believe with EVERY fibre of our beings that “Yes, this is happening!”

This attitude has allowed me to:
  • Learn how to swim over forty.
  • Compete in several open water swimming events.
  • Become a Triathlete - I podiumed on my very first Tri-a-Tri: 1st Place female, woohoo!
  • Achieve many other personal bests in the running and swimming.
  • Run my first and second marathons within 2 weeks of each other - Yes! That's right, two marathons in two weeks! 
  • Medaled and finished top 10 in my age group  at the recent UANA Pan American Masters Championships 2022 in Medellin, Colombia  in the 50m, 100m and 200m free.
  • Currently preparing for qualifying for World's Masters Championships in Japan - August 2023.
  • All this, and there’s so much more.

Now What About You?

So hey, why don’t you let me help you get on the move?
Are you ready to step out of that comfort zone and finally commit to the person who deserves your attention the most?
Yes, I’m talking about YOU!
Be comfortable STANDING OUT and being the UNIQUE, VALUABLE and EXTRAORDINARY being that you are.
Own it!


It’s time to stop being the spectator of your own life and BE THE STAR OF YOUR OWN LIFE”S STORY!


Let me help you make big strides in mental breakthrough through health and fitness.

Join me and Get Fitspired!
Join the evolution of limitless thinking





Personal Trainer| Health Coach | STOTT Pilates Instructor |Yoga Teacher |Fitness Influencer

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