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I have known Teheli for the past 4 years and in that time I have seen her hone her skills as a personal trainer, a yoga teacher, a 2-time marathon runner and someone who could barely swim to a triathlon competitor. She has helped me to achieve goals that I have set for myself whether it was to look good for my daughter's graduation or train for upcoming 5ks. She is always there to push me to be my best as I continue to pursue my health and wellness journey.


As the world has shifted under our feet, Teheli has remained steadfast and adapted to a virtual training platform. She never gives up and has the drive to not only better herself but also do everything in her power to better her clients and the services she provides for them!

Carmen G.


I joined Teheli’s classes when exercise had fallen very low in my list of priorities. I now very much look forward to the sessions which thanks to a variety of challenging and effective exercises have greatly improved my strength and fitness levels.  


Teheli’s personal attention and constant motivation also ensures that we safely get the most benefit out of each class.  

In these days of self-isolation, it is an added bonus to sweat “apart but together” with other exercise team mates. 

Yvette T.

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